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Maine Breweries

Hit the Road on Maine’s Beer Trail

The scenic Maine coast is a wonder to explore, especially if you enjoy a cold pint of beer.  Check out Maine’s midcoast breweries and discover the craft beer scene and coastal culture.  This fun beer trail in Maine takes you on a road trip from Portland, heads north, and loops back again for a round-trip. Your beer travels will take you to these great breweries with beautiful scenery along the way.


In Boothbay, you’ll find Boothbay Craft Brewery, a brewpub with an impressive selection and great food to nosh on.


Rockland boasts the Rock Harbour Pub and Brewery. It has a big pub and dining area with a vintage feel where you can try great beers and enjoy live performances.


In Belfast, hit up the Marshall Wharf Brewing Company. This is the ultimate stop for a full range of beers to try, from crisp ales to dark stouts and everything in-between.


Finally, in Newcastle, stop off at Oxbow Brewing Company. The place has a rustic, farmhouse feel and the drive out is beautifully

Make sure to plan a day to enjoy Maine's midcoast breweries when staying with us here at Point Lookout.

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