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About Point Lookout

Point Lookout has served midcoast Maine in many capacities over the years.


Initially, Point Lookout was built as a a corporate retreat for MBNA.  It continued for that purpose when Athena Health acquired the property.  For the first 20 years of its existence, the facilities flourished under the generosity of MBNA founder and philanthropist Charles Cawley.  However, after the passing of Mr. Cawley in 2015, continuing operations were financially unsustainable.


Fortunately, the facility was not closed - it was simply redesigned. Gone were the days of weddings and large conferences, but the fitness center and many of the cabins remained open for use as cozy vacation rentals for locals and visitors to enjoy year-round.

While some portions of the property are no longer available, such as the Copper Pine Cafe, the bowling alley, and the summit, other portions of the property will continue to be open to public use and improved. 


Some of those improvements include the newly extended trail system, a new outdoor playground, basketball court, and volleyball court, an outdoor pavilion, the soccer field, and the new fitness center.  In addition, the guests can continue to enjoy the beautiful views from the many trails at the neighboring Camden Hills Sate Park.

What longtime customers are saying


Yes, some lucky family bought the Point in Point Lookout, but the new Point Lookout cabin keepers are doing a great job with the remaining 39 cabins. Super clean, comfortably appointed and close to everything you’d want to see on the mid coast. And at a terrific price point for families.

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