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What's changed about Point Lookout?

Point Lookout was previously run as a resort. Now, the cabins are being offered as vacation rentals - much like what you would find on Airbnb or HomeAway. You pick a cabin and pick the dates and the place is all yours during that time. The vacation rentals are available year-round. The summit, bowling alley and the copper pine are no longer available. However, the extensive gym and recreation center is being upgraded and will continue to be available free of charge to anyone who is renting a cabin.

Can I stay for longer than a week?

Yes! We offer monthly discounts for guests who'd like to enjoy the area for a little longer. If you'd like to stay for more than a week, please use the "contact us" form on this website to request discounted pricing.

Where do I check in?

Check in will be located at the front desk of the fitness center. COVID Update: We have implemented an easy self check-in process for all guests. You will receive a welcome email prior to your stay with your cabin number and lock box code. Inside the lock box (located on the front door of the cabin) are your room keys. You can go straight to your cabin when you arrive - no need to stop at the front desk!

What about weddings?

Unfortunately weddings are no longer offered at Point Lookout. However, Jessica Riley (the person who did all the planning for the many events at Point Lookout) is now an independent provider and would be able to help you locate an excellent venue. Her website is

Are the cabins dog-friendly?

Absolutely! We love pups at Point Lookout. Up to two pets per cabin are allowed and there is no weight limit. There is a $50 pet fee - it’s a flat rate regardless of number of pets or duration of stay.

Will there be daily housekeeping?

The cabins are available as vacation rentals, so it's much like renting a place on Airbnb or VRBO. The place will be thoroughly cleaned before your arrival and will be stocked fully with towels, sheets, toiletries, dish soap, etc. There will not be daily cleanings like a hotel, though. If you want someone to come in and clean during your stay, the cost would be $75 per clean. We can certainly make that happen, we just ask that you let us know a little in advance so we can make sure someone is available.

Which cabins are available?

The downsized operation will include 32 cabins that are available for vacation rentals. There are one, two, and three bedroom cabins available. You can check out a map of the location of the cabins on the "Cabins" page.

Do the cabins have TVs?

Yes! Each cabin has one flat-screen television. They are equipped with a Roku and a Netflix subscription.

How is the wifi?

Each cabin has great wifi with 200 mbps upload/download speeds. There's also free wifi in the fitness center, which guests have access to 24/7.

Can guests do laundry on-site?

We don't have washers or dryers in the cabins, but we have a guest laundry facility in the fitness center, which is on-site. It's a full size washer and dryer and guests have access to it 24/7. COVID Update: We take extra precautions to keep this area clean and have provided wipes for guests to clean before and after use. We also recommend guests don’t congregate in the laundry room and only one person uses it at a time for safety reasons. There are also laundromats available within a 10 minute drive.

Can we stay for a month or two?

Yes!! We offer significant discounts to guests staying longer than 28 days. Please call the front desk at 207-230-4208 (available M-F 8am-5pm) or email to discuss options for a long-term stay.

Can I get a grill and a fire pit?

We are thrilled to announce that we have now installed charcoal park grills at each individual cabin. We have also purchased fire pits for each individual cabin. You have full use of these at no charge. You will need to purchase charcoal if you wish to use the grill. We will have firewood stocked in your cabin for the fire pit free of charge.

Is there a beach or place for swimming?

For nearby swimming, there’s Lincolnville Beach, Knights Pond, and the Penobscot Park, which is across the highway from Point Lookout. The beach that was formerly owned by Point Lookout is now private property; however, just about 50 yards down route 1 is Penobscot Park, which is now owned by Coastal Land Trust and open to the public. It’s the same beach as guests formerly had access to, just accessing from a different lot. We also have the public Lincolnville Beach which is about 1.6 miles from Point Lookout.

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