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Camden Windjammer Festival


Maritime traditions and heritage come alive at this festival celebrating the culture of the sailboat and the pleasure cruise.  Find yourself seaside and experience the sailing life in the briny air coming in off the harbor.


History of the Festival

From the mid-19th century to the 1930s, the Camden, Maine harbor was alive with sailboats and vessels of every ilk. This was the Great Age of Sail, which had its run up until the advent of the steamship.

Before sailing could go off the map, in the 1930s a man named Frank Swift saw a new purpose for the old sailing vessels in disuse – as passenger boats for sailing expeditions. Thus, Maine Windjammer Cruises was born, and with it a flourishing industry. This maritime history is celebrated and promoted yearly at the festival.

Attend this Sea-Worthy Festival in Camden, Maine



Events run the gamut from the formal arrival of the sailing fleet to a talent show performed by fleet crews. Watch fireworks explode over the harbor Friday night, then come back the next morning for fun activities, such as:

  • Build-a-boat contest

  • Lobster crate race

  • Maritime displays

  • Fish relay races

  • Tour a windjammer vessel


The Fleet

The majestic fleet includes beautiful sailboats that vary in size and age, such as the Victory Chimes, which  was built in 1900 and is the only remaining three-masted East Coast schooner; and the Stephen Taber, the oldest documented sailing vessel, built in 1871. Along with an array of majestic sailboats and elegant schooners, there’s even a hard-working trawler.

If you will be attending the Camden Windjammer Festival, stay with us here at Point Lookout. We hope to see you soon!

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