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Maine Lighthouses

Get Swept Up in the Romance of Maine Lighthouses

11 Must-Visit Lighthouses in Maine
Up and down the coast, you’ll find lighthouses of all shapes and sizes.  Maine lighthouses are an iconic part of the state.  Visit for yourself and find out why.

See the historic breakwater that protects the coast from harsh storms and swells and the lighthouse that warns of the rocky outcropping.

Owls Head

This storied little lighthouse sits on a picturesque hill. Visit and learn about its ghost stories and its keepers, including a smart dog.

This historic lighthouse is unique in that it has no sweeping light, but instead offers a spotlight to warn ships of a dangerous ledge lurking below the surface in the Fox Islands Thoroughfare.

Built in 1854, this lighthouse looks like it belongs on a glossy postcard. The complex includes a keeper’s house, a fog signal house, and an oil house.

The first lighthouse keeper at this 1828 structure was a romantic sea captain who wrote poems about his trade. Both the lighthouse and the keeper’s house have been restored.

Mount Desert Rock Light

You can’t explore the grounds of this lighthouse (it’s now a whale research center), but you can get a good view by boat.

Curtis Island

This pretty lighthouse, made circa 1896, can be viewed by boat or at the nearby Curtis Island Overlook.

Two Bush Island

Another lighthouse that can only be viewed from a boat, this one has been solar-powered since 2000.

Marshall Point

Marshall Point boasts a wooden runway, beautiful grounds, and a pristine keeper’s house, which serves as a museum.

Brown’s Head

This 1857 lighthouse has open grounds where you can get excellent views of the structure.

Fort Point

Explore the grounds of this charming lighthouse and its red-roofed keeper’s house. The lighthouse is still active today.

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