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Dear guests,


We are excited to inform you that we are making some big changes to the reception area and fitness center at Point Lookout.  The front desk and fitness center are now located just steps away from your cabin at the building that was previously used as a school.  


Some amenities, such as the tennis, squash, and racquetball are no longer available. 

Unfortunately, Penobscot Park is under construction and is not accessible to guests.  Your best option for beach access is Lincolnville Beach.


As always, we will work to accommodate our guests in any way possible, though we do ask for your patience as we navigate these changes.  Once all is complete, the final result will be a consolidated operation with convenient, updated amenities.  


Thank you for your continued support of Point Lookout Vacation Rentals.  We truly appreciate your choice to stay with us and hope to be able to serve you for many years to come.  This move is a big step toward a more sustainable operation and we are excited to share these updates with you.




The team at Point Lookout Vacation Rentals

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