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Maine Wedding Reception

Most Maine weddings are for locals or those lucky enough to have summered there for years—people who have a history with and a kinship to the beautiful country or seaside.

A favorite traditional Maine wedding reception takes place on a beach. Many houses and summer cottages in Maine’s premiere locations are on or very near beautiful oceanfront, so an ideal wedding and reception takes place with friends and family on a quaint beach with personal history.

But even without a personal history in Maine you can still feel like a local. Everyone loves the idea of intimate and fun gatherings at their home, but a cozy Maine wedding reception doesn’t only have to be for only those who grew up there! Point Lookout Resort & Conference Center offers you all the benefits of the locals as your ideal Maine wedding reception location. The appeal of the beauty and peacefulness of the landscape applies to people who have visited a few times or who have only heard about the amazing state of Maine. Wedding receptions endued with the feeling of home are available to all at Point Lookout Resort & Conference Center.

To plan a traditional Maine wedding reception, especially if it’s away from your own home, there are many things to take into consideration. At Point Lookout Resort & Conference Center we make it easy to plan, organize and create the ideal Maine wedding reception. Point Lookout Resort & Conference Center has it all . . . beaches available for use or private rental, dining and dancing, either formal or more casual settings can be planned, depending on your own style. Dining options range from an elaborate dinner to hors d’oeuvres passed around while people socialize, and entertainment could be anywhere between a friend working as DJ and a big live band for dancing. A beach can be elegant or informal, so it’s easy to plan a Maine wedding reception with your own style and choices for an unforgettable evening surrounded by friends, family, and beautiful scenery here at Point Lookout Resort & Conference Center.

Make the wedding feel like a homey event by staying for a few days with your guests at Point Lookout Resort & Conference Center and exploring the surrounding area. Take a schooner ride, visit local towns and museums, go for a hike in Acadia National Park, or treat yourself to a spa day. Point Lookout Resort & Conference Center in Maine offers individual cottages for accommodation and group reservations to make your stay more personal and enjoyable.

Whether you’re a displaced local or visitor from another area, it’s easy to get into the native spirit and plan a traditional Maine wedding reception. You and your guests will feel right at home when you take the opportunity to choose a venue and activities where people can spend time together, enjoy each others’ company, and celebrate your special day in the luxury of Maine’s amazing landscape.